Baguio City

Long ago, the thought of going to Baguio comes with an 8 hour bus ride from Manila but the moment Clark Airport opened, people outside Manila and the rest of the cities in the country can just fly in to Clark and save some four hours of bus time and be in the City of Pines in around 4 hours . Baguio City , dubbed as the summer capital of the Philippines mainly because of its very low temperature that will let you forget of the heat specially in the months of March to May where its hot in most of the parts of the country.

If you’re still reading up to this part then it would be safe to say that you haven’t been to Baguio or you been there but have taken the long route coming out from Manila. If your in the Luzon area then you’ve probably have no choice but to take these routes , but if your coming from the Visayas and the Mindanao group then you would be interested in this article.

Just right when you head for the exit area upon arrival in Clark International Airport, you wouldn’t miss the long lines of Aircon Jeepney and buses on the right side of the terminal. There are 2 options for you to take , the first and probably the easier one is to take the Genesis bus from Clark International Airport to Baguio. If you miss the bus , you can always take the second option which is the Aircon Jeepney and tell the driver that you will be going to DAU Terminal pronounced as (Da-u). From the terminal ,there are other Bus companies that drops by the terminal en-route for Baguio City.

Bus fare from Clark International Airport to Baguio is PHP 420 pesos as of February 2019 and that will have 3 stops, In Dau Terminal, Tarlac City and the last one in Sison. After the last stop it will only be around 2 hours before you behold the beauty of the city up above and its cold weather.

There are a lot of places to stay in Baguio. Depending on your budget you can go and search for Airbnb and look for houses with a chimney. I would recommend it for the gram and for the experience of being in a cold environment and be near a fire place , where else would you find a house like that in this country but in Baguio City where the temperature at night can go as low as 10 degrees or even lower but I can say that it would not come cheap for those rentals. But if your on a budget or a solo traveler then you could also be on those back packers lodge and there are a lot that you can find in the city.

Here are a few things to do in Baguio .

  1. Burnham Park
  2. Mine’s View Park
  3. Botanical Garden
  4. Colored Hillside Houses ( La Trinidad )
  5. The Mansion
  6. Session Road
  7. Camp John Hay
  8. Strawberry Farm ( La Trinidad )
  9. Highest Point ( Atok, Benguet)
  10. Mt. Pulag

These places are just some of the many things that you can do in the city of Pines. These places are not near from each other and may take hours to travel so if your planning on a trip to Baguio, do consider the time and plan the places to go . Baguio is just a gateway to other great places to visit in the Cordillera Region such as Sagada, Buscalan where the famous Apo Whang-od resides , The Banaue Rice Terraces , The Batad Rice Terraces and for those mountain lovers, the Cordillera Region will not fail you with the its amazing and picturesque trails and sunrise and sunsets and those jaw dropping sea of clouds, yes my friends they have a lot of those mountains.

Being in a coat and in some fashionably designed scarf and bonnets is the normal thing to see in Baguio and yes , most establishments does not have air conditioning system . Even the taxi cabs do not turn there AC on which means flagdown is just PHP 25 pesos which is pretty cool.

As per my experience , I only got to visit a few places in Baguio since my main agenda was really to go to Mt Pulag and Baguio was just a gateway for me. If it helps, the top 10 places I mentioned would really take around 5 days tops so plan those vacation days properly to maximize the stay or if the days are not enough you could always go back and book another ticket and see what the city of pines can offer the second time around. I know I will be back for more of Baguio.

Thanks for reading.

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