Cabul-an Island

If you go to Mactan Island and get an Island Hopping package, you would probably go to the much more famous islands in the area such as Pandanon with its famous white sand bars, the Caohagan Islands with its nice clear waters for diving. Add Hilutungan, Nalusuan and Sulpa Islands in the list and that caps your day in the sun.

There are many islands and islets scattered across the main island of Cebu and this particular island had closed its doors to tourists due to its nature of livelihood, fishing. This island is called Cabul-an Island. This is the closest island in Cebu City that provides fresh fishes to fishing docks in the city one of which is in Pasil. This little community composed of two barangays aslo ventured out to dried fishes as the second means of livelihood.

Our little adventure took us to this island when we planned on going out on a team building activity who luckily had someone in the team who spent his teenage years growing up in this island. And so it was settled, we will be having our first travel of the year to this off beaten path island. I didnt know what to expect so i tried to google it but got only a few results so it really got us excited.

The trip will start from one of the docking areas in Mactan particularly the one in Cordova. They call it Cordova RORO Port which kind of big and houses boats which could also take you to Bohol. Going to Cabul-an would take you around an hour and a half to two if the current is strong.

There arent any resort situated in the island. In fact, you wouldnt be able to go to this island if you dont know someone from there. Good thing we had one. And so we arrived early evening as the stars above welcomed us in this humble fishing island village. It was past seven in the evening when we arrived and everything was dark, there was no lights at all when we arrived at the port so we have to make use of what we have. There was little to no lamp posts as we approached the village and only lights from the houses served as light. We can feel the night breeze as we walked within the village going to our first stop, dinner. We were warmly welcomed by the people there and had a hearty dinner with fresh deep fried fish and shells and yes you can really tell that they are 150% fresh.

And the adventure starts, after the sumptuous dinner we went on to far end of the island to stay for the night. We brought along some refreshments to warm us through the night. The place that we will camp on for the night was an abondoned resort and was rumored to have some creepy stories about some elements that scares people up whenever they go there plus, there was also a giant snake that shows up at night specially if its full moon. I must admit, it was a bit creepy while you walk towards the beach when you can only see tall grasses and coconuts in the shadow.

We trekked for around 30 minutes and we were greeted with an amazing view of the Cebu city lights. Normally I get the city lights view when Im up in the mountains, but this time its kind of an amazing site to behold. We pitched our tents, started some fire to keep us warm and yes of course, started the beach party just as everyone got settled in. It was a fun night to remember.

We woke up early in the morning with some slight rain but this didnt stopped us from exploring. Good thing the skies cleared up around past ten in the morning and the long stretched of sea bed that now became a sand bar showed up. If you looked at it from afar, it would just look like an ordinary sandbar, but as you get near to it, the whiter part of the sand bar moves and start to have wings and yes you will then realize that a flock of migratory birds were having a feast of whats left on the sea bed. It was an amazing site to see. Who would have thought that you will have this experience just an hour away from the city. Truly amazing. We spent the whole day just enjoying the view and had some instagrammable pictures.

We went back to the main village to celebrate the three kings celebration and yes we stayed for another day to be with the community, eat drink and party with them. We had a great time that we slept around 5 oclock in the morning. These islanders do know how to party.

An amazing sunset.

Enjoyed the island.

It was truly an amazing experience and I would love to go back there.

Thanks for reading

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