Mt Kalatkat

An enchanted mountain I should say. It was a magical experience being at the top of this mountain.

This is one of the many places that I would wanna go back to. A magical place and a not so frequently visited places in Cebu which makes it an amazing placed for relaxation the mountaineering way. Its when you have a camp out with your friends and no other groups are there camping. Then you can have the place to your own. Its like having an island all alone to yourselves. That is what Mt Kalatkat can give. A serene and a scenic place to be. A place where you seldoms find human footprints and all you see are wild flowers growing from every corners.

There are 2 ways to reach the destination.


Ride the bus from southbus terminal bound for Moalboal. ( Tell the driver to drop you on the crossing going to Mainit Mabugnaw Spring.)

On the side of the ride after you get off the bus, a few meters away, you will see this signboard named Vegetable Highway.

You will see motorcycles lined up wating for you. Tell them to take you to the jump off point of Mt Kalatkat. Fare is around Php 50 pesos per head. It will be around 15-20 minutes of bumpy motorcycle ride going to the jump off.


Is you start the trek from Barangay Ocana, Carcar. It will be a very long route of uphill cemented road going to the peak of Mt Kalatkat. It will be around 5-6 hours walk depends on your pacing. You will pass by communities as you go uphill.

I would recommend you going the easy route if your just up for the view since you can also take the second option when your gonna go down given you have a local guide. You dont have to worry about being lost if you take option 1 since the trail is easy and you just have to follow the small path going up through the mountains until you reach the tower. Once you reach the tower thats it.

And you will see this view.

At the back of this wonderful view are big towers connecting heavy cables of wires which is very succeptible to conducting lightning so its not advisable to camp here. You have to go to the other side, to the far end away from the tower.

Continue to walk farther from the tower until you will see this tree far afar just a few slopes down which would mean that you have safely arrived at the campsite.

The peak unlike other mountains is a vast land with only one tree standing. Thats another unique and magical about this peak. You will not see a single tree anyware but only this one. The others are just tall bushes. Once you arrived at the tree, you will feel that the place is really magical and amazing as you can see the neighboring towns and the ocean from where you stand.

If only our camera can capture what our eyes can see you will understand. I have never thought that a place like thus exist in Cebu.

The place can give you the creeps at night and locals would agree that they hear stories about unseen beings lurking in the shadows at the peak so a believer or not, I wouldnt’ suggest you wandering away from the group at night.We were lucky that during our camp out, there was another group who joined us. So the more people, the less creeps. We had socials with them, sharing stories both in love and life and mountainering.

Morning came and we were greeted by this amazing view. On of the reasons to go to Kalatkat.

One of the most amazing sunrise I saw in my life.

I would suggest you go there around 1 in the afternoon just in time for the sun to set when you reach the peak since there arent any shade.

We took the Ocana route in going down, it was a good 3 hours going down. It was a fun weekend. Make your weekend fun too and exciting.

Go and travel while you can.

Thanks for reading.

Budget :

Php 100 – Cebu City – Drop off at Mainit Springs

Php 50 per head – Habal2x to jump off

Php 100 – Ocana to Cebu City



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