Mayana peak

From the bus terminal in San Carlos City, we took the bus going to Bacolod and told the driver that were going to Mayana Peak, I’m sure you will never be lost .

We rode the habal2x going to the jump off point which took around 20 minutes of bumpy, rocky and slippery trails uphill, I didn’t enjoy that part of the ride . I should have chosen to talk but time was not our side . As we arrived on the jump off, we registered got a guide .

We wasted no time since Mark still has to catch a flight by 1230 that day . The road going up was easy but we couldn’t help but stop as we go along since the view was amazing in every angle. It was a time that I wished a had 2 phones , one to take photos and one for videos. The place was amazing. The elevation was just perfect for you to be able to look at the rolling hills and the mountains alongside with each other at an angle that you would be able to justify the existence of a Supreme Being. Had it been that the elevation was higher then it would be as perfect as this.

As we reached the peak, it was a 360 degree view on the nearby mountains and towns and San Carlos City. We only stayed there for an hour and a half but would you believe that I was able to upload around 100 different pictures? Yes, that’s how majestic this place is.

Now I know how to get here , I will be back. The next time it will be an overnight activity for me to be able to catch the sea of clouds and for me to be able to spend the whole day at the peak.

And so we need to be in a hurry for Mark to catch his flight in Bacolod, yes another bus ride.

Cost :

San Carlos to Sitio Punod – Php 30

Habal2x fee : 150 per head roundtrip

Entrance fee : PHP 30

Guide Fee : You decide .

Things to bring :

1 liter of water will do.

Some sunblock

A selfie stick.

A drone would be nice.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy!

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