Virgin waterfalls

After the Puting Bato hike, we were invited or shall I say, we invited ourselves to a birthday party. Yes there was a birthday party. Knowing that it was a town away, after our descend from Puting Bato, we went to one of our comrades place in the mountaineering world in Balud, San Fernando to spend the weekend there and to our surprise, it was a birthday party too.

We had fun , drinks and got to know new faces as we minggled our way in. They call themselves Tribu Baklag. They are carcar based mountaineers and is very much active in the mountaineering society. It was not a plan to have a day trek but since there was a connection amongst brothers in the outdoor world , we decided to have a hike the next day which was decided over a bottle of emperador lights the night before . We had a camp out in a nearby hill which had a very nice view in the morning .

And so everyone was ready and headed up the mountainous part of Balud, San Fernando.

After an hour of walking , we arrived at our destination. They call it virgin waterfalls. It was a tiny waterfall which had a very relaxing ambiance . It was not easy to go down the top of the waterfall. It requires precision and make no mistakes for the other side waits with a lot of rocks and a 20 feet fall.

We started our activity with a clean up drive since there were a lot of dead tree branch and some garbage along the small stream which prevents the water to flow going to the waterfalls.

And we took a lot of pictures .

It was not enough for us to just marvel how gorgeous this creation so we decided to go go down the waterfall and enjoy its cold and clean waters . It was hard for there was no road going down so you have to hold on to big roots with slippery grounds and rocks for you to go down. It was quite a challenge at first but eventually as you master the terrain, it will be just simple for you to climb up and down.

We enjoyed the refreshing waters with Kulafu. Had a few bottles and decided to go to our next destination .

The landscape at my back is a much bigger waterfall but we will explore that on the next adventure since it will require some ropes in going down.

I thought the adventure was done and its now time to go home but I was wrong. On our way to our friends other house , everyone decided to do some adventure so instead of going back to where we came from , we followed the small stream uphill for us to exit to the main road. I thought it will be just a good 10 minutes but it lasted for a good one hour of walking trough the small stream and you will be amazed how this place can turn into a relaxing place to those with solitude . The simplicity of the place will calm you.

After a good one hour walk, we exited to the main road and had another rolling uphill and downhill walk going to the next destination, another party. This time an engagement party.

After a good 30 minutes walk, we arrived and the party already started and the food was waiting. If only in everyday hike , this food will be waiting , it will be just heaven.

After all the pictorials , we decided to clean ourselves up and be refreshed .I never thought it would be this far to clean ourselves but this is mountain life , everything seems to be near but in reality it’s not. I went down a steep cemented stairs going to the water source . In my halfway going there , I was already worrying on our way back up. But all for the glory of fun, I pushed through .

This kid was waiting for his turn for him to get water in the water source since my friend was still there enjoying the water .After an hour of resting , we decided to move on with the journey and go to the leader’s house of Team Baklag , Impz.

It was another 30 minutes walk uphill so the lechon that we ate was just enough.

Did spent the afternoon in this beautiful places exchanging outdoor stories and plans . We did had fun . But now it’s time to go home not unless we decide to do another camp out .

We just can’t get enough of the beautiful landscape as we went downhill . It was a total of 5 Km going down. It was tiring but all worth it . It was already dark when we arrived in Balud proper so we went directly to the highway to catch the bus going back to the city.

Until another adventure .

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