The Trifecta Weekend

In the obstacle world , Spartan Race could probably the toughest of all. Let me back track a bit . In the outdoors world, in my case I started with simply going to best places , Instagramable locations most normally on beach locations. As you go on with life, you get to know people who climb which means you get a chance to go out of your comfort zone and explore the other wonders of nature which is the wild outdoors up in the mountains. I did this. And a thrived . Did a couple of Major climbs and continued to go up the high lands in and out of the city. But as you go on with life, you then start to discover other money draining activities. There’s biking , marathon , there’s swimming or underwater photography and then there’s obstacle racing. I was inclined to the latter. As the world of fun runs and marathons got popular ,more and more people are getting drawn into this which is also true with obstacle racing. This is a combined marathon with obstacles along the way.

Two year ago, Spartan Race had a debut worldwide and it was a click . More people were getting interested to try new stuff. And this was it. It had its first leg in the country way back 2017 and since then, it became popular specially for those fitness enthusiast , from bikers, runners and even outdoor lovers such as me.

Earlier this year Spartan Race Philippines planned to have one of its qualifying legs here in Cebu. To make the story short, I was chosen to help out in looking for volunteers to the said event . Most of my contacts where from mountaineering world and they responded positively. It was held at Foressa Trails in Balamban. It was the perfect place for the event . It was a success. Met a lot of new friends and opened my mind to new possibilities . A new experience .

Now the Series Finale 2018 would be held in Subic which was just a plane ride away from Cebu and I did accepted the challenge. This will be a new story and chance to get to know more people in this new world that I have discovered and I wasn’t wrong.

A lot of volunteers from Cebu wanted to go but only a few made it to Subic, to be exact there were only 3 . Me , Jona and Liz were very much excited that week to fly to Subic but as much as worried of the incoming typhoon too. After a lot of thinking , considerations and way lots of turbulence on the plane, we made it to Subic. It was a Friday and it was raining since the typhoon just had its landfall in Luzon up north. The skies were dark and it was almost a lazy weekend to be. Due to the bad weather we decided to just stay at the hotel and chill and but with positivity paired with prayers and with a lot of messages from our friends in Manila who were also eager to meet with us , we decided to get through with the weekend . The weather was really bad as we were going to the location. It was a rough 2 hour ride from Angeles City with strong winds, dead trees along the highway and the possibility of getting hit with lightning . We were even joking that our journey going to venue was already the start of the obstacles since we made a lot of detours due to a lot of fallen trees along the highway and the van can’t pass through. It was five in the morning but it seemed like three. It was signal number 2 in Subic when we arrived at the venue . We said our hellos with our fellow volunteers in the area and waited for the decision and eventually Spartan Race Philippines cancelled the Saturday event .

It was this bad . So we were instructed to just call it a day and just head to our hotel. We had the whole day to ourselves and we spent it at the hotel since we couldn’t stroll around due to the bad weather . We had the chance to get to know our new friends and rest early for a new day awaits .

We started the day early, exited and refreshed . Finally the weather calmed down but there were still scattered rain showers every now and then . The event started and the initial two-day activity was jam-packed into one. Everyone was excited and got to our posts .

There were an estimated 6000 participants that day. The event was a success. A lot of new learnings and way many pictures captured , both in my camera and my mind .

It was a humbling experience being able to volunteer at the Series Finale. It was a tiring activity but it was worth it . You get to meet a lot of people and the thank you and appreciation that you get from them can never be bought by money. It was truly a rewarding post .

We said our goodbyes old and new friends alike .It was a whole day activity and we were dead tired but happy as we went back to Angeles city . Our bodies were tired but our minds can’t stop thinking of going to Mt Balingjilat since that was the initial plan but didn’t push through due to some flooding on the way there . Our flight will still be the next day so we need to find a place to chill . We decided to go to Mt Arayat but we came there late so we were not allowed to go up the mountain . We just strolled it’s Natural Park and marvel it’s beauty. But it was a very nice feeling to visit another mountain such as this. Now at least we know what to do and we will definitely be back for this .

Subic is just a plane ride away. We will definitely be back for more.

Thanks for reading.

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