Puting bato

It was an almost idle weekend to be when I remembered that I still haven’t visited this one place that one of my outdoor friends went into. They call it Puting Bato. It’s technically a mountain that resulted from quarrying and what’s left were big boulders of granite rock. Its growing popularity in the mountaineering society urged me to go and see the beauty and the adventure for myself.

It was officially the weekend. My bags were packed waiting for me outside to endure on another adventure . My sweat glands are getting excited to be once again exhausted . A new place to go is always exciting and so I hurriedly went and hailed a cab going to South Bus Terminal .

We took the small non-airconditioned and a bit rusty bus bound for Toledo. It was jam packed and it was raining when we took off. I was worried but the adventurer in me won. I was accompanied by two more equally hungry for adventure humans , Madam and Shiekaynah , she will be our guide for this trip.

We jump out of the bus in Landingan ( just instruct the conductor to drop you there). From there , we went to the other side of the street and went inside a small road ( right across from where the bus stop). We hiked a few good 30 minutes , passing through some communities and seeing some curious looking locals with our big bags . Some knew where we were going , some don’t . Some offered assistance and some offered guide services . We politely declined and said our hellos and went on with our warm up walk. I would say warm up walk since you will be really needing some warm up when your on the rock.

Locals call it Batogag Banog, which means birds resting place . From afar, as your going through some small roads in between houses , you can already see the rock formation as it came to be . As you go up the mountain, you can really tell by then that this isn’t gonna be just a regular trekking. And it wasn’t .

A few good 15 minutes of rolling uphill walk, we found ourselves under a small small mango tree thanking God that the sun was shining for we can see the blue skies above and feel the cool winds caress our warming bodies. We took some pictures and more pictures. It was around 1 o’clock in the afternoon so we waited for a few more moments and just rested and yeah, talked about life.

Before we felt that we need to have some beers and peanuts for our next topic which was love life , we decided to move on and start the climb. The entrance going up is right at the back part of the rock so we need to go around it. The trail was starting to be a little bit difficult and slippery since it just rained but still manageable. As we went to the actual jump off going up the rock formation, after many mountains and outdoor activities that we’ve been too, I didn’t expect that I will feel scared. Yes I was scared , it was my first time to do free-hand rock climbing with load. It was hard to do climb the 45 degrees rock formation with a heavy bag, so we left our bags and hid it somewhere inside the thick bushes. There were some parts that you will need to kiss the wall and need upper body strength for you to be able to climb . It would be advisable if you bring some rope to help with the climbing and for safety.


fter almost 30 minutes of struggle , we were able to see the beauty of the rock formation above and found ourselves scared to look down. It was funny but the view was spectacular. Did a lot of photoshoots here and there . There were also local teenagers who were having some good time taking pictures and having some snacks in another part of the rock. We said our hellos and continued taking pictures .

It would not be advisable to go there when it rains since the rocks can be slippery. If you plan to camp there and witness sunrise , it can be done but with hammock since there aren’t any flat surface.

Thanks for reading.

Things to bring :

– 1 L of water each.

– Food for lunch

Budget :

– Southbus – Landingan ( 50 pesos)

– Landingan- Southbus ( 50 pesos)

See you in the Outdoors!

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