An island full of stories and memories. This is Kinatarkan Island . The island is called with many names ( Guintarkan, Guintacan, Kintakarman and Kinartakan) whatever the name is , this is one promising island full of beauty both it’s marine life and the people.

Situated at the northern part of Cebu about 3-4 hours travel from the city, this is is one island to include in your bucket list. It is not a question of why but why not?

We got on a the 2 am bus in North Bus Terminal bound for Daanbantayan . It was a smooth travel and around 5:30 in the morning , we found ourselves doing some last minute supply runs in Daanbantayan’s Bus Terminal.

And so after an hour of last minutes shopping and warming our tummies with an early coffee and breakfast, we hired a tricycle going to the port which would cost you PHP 10 pesos per head. The town is I guess promoting clean air since most of the tricycles are battery driven which means no smoke therefore no pollution ( air and noise) .

It was around seven in the morning and people looked excited to see us at the port with our big bags . We can’t deny that we are going to the island that everyone is talking about . To the island which they say was almost forgotten, to the island of beautiful beaches and lagoons . Yes we are and we are very much excited that we came in too early for the regular passenger boat coming from the island to make its daily trip to and fro. The clock was ticking and each tick means less time spent on the island, so we decided to a special trip which cost us PHP 1,500 pesos compared to the regular trip which is around 50-100 pesos. It was worth it since the waters were still calm and travelling through it would be safer and relaxing .

It was an hour of laughter as we breeze the calm seas with a few bumps along the way which made the trip fun and wet. An hour of enjoying the waters and the clouds above and the giggles , the shouts from whoever got wet from the splash and the smell of the fresh air and sea water was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep . It was worth it.

A small village will greet you with its crystal clear waters and its clean white shorelines . We had a lot of fun on our travel going to the island , but I’m even more excited on the actual island and what it has to offer. We trekked the island going to our resort at Kuya Willy’s Place . It’s like your walking through the shorelines of Boracay. This is indeed a Paradise.

This place is amazing . With this beautiful mother nature and no tourist flocking around is heaven. We pitched our tents and some hammocks to add to the handful hammocks in place already set.

One of the highlights here is the La-aw Lagoon which is located on the other side of the island . You can choose to trek and enjoy the island life if you brought umbrellas with you or if you have someone who’s been there before but it would be easier to just rent a habal2x with a driver which would serve as your guide as well for PHP 300 pesos per head and that’s one guest per motorcycle . We had 3 locations for what we paid for , to make the story short ,an island tour for PHP 300 pesos per head .

Going to La-aw Lagoon will require 20-30 minutes of trek . Terrain is slippery with sharp rocks are waiting so be careful .

But it will be all worth it. Specially if the tide is high. We went there early so we can still see the plantation of sea weed which by the way you can eat. In Bisaya it’s called ( lato) which is perfect paired with vinegar .

Had a few shots , well not really few .

Everyone had their signature pose. And then went to the next destination

This part of the island will be much more enjoyable if the water is high but we still managed to enjoy it .

One thing I can say, if you go to Kinatarkan and is a cam whore , you should not stick to what you can see , go farther and you will get these views .

We had lunch on the cove together with our drivers/tour guides . Please practice LEAVE NO TRACE since there were a lot of trash we found there . Explore responsibly for these trash can be washed away during high tide and it can destroy the environment.

We had a few stops for refreshments , some pictorials and some communities as well.

The tour was done in about 4 hours , we were tired and exhausted but full of laughter and almost a memory full pictures in our phones. It would be nicer to bring a drone the next time.

There is one more location that we havent visited which is the lighthouse on the other side of the island since it will be 1-2 hours trek due to its location . We will surely be back .

We ended the day with foods and booze and more photoshoot .

And we took the photoshoot to the next level.

And of course ,the day wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t had socials together with the locals/tour guides . This was also a birthday dinner since this was also Junjuns birthday celebration.

It would be advisable to get your own boat arranged the next day or you can also wait for the commercial passenger boat around 10 AM.

I will definitely be back .

The view, the nature , the people, I will for sure will be back.

Thanks for reading.


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