Re-visit Mt Naupa

It was just another Sunday I told myself. Just another Sunday of stressed sweat glands and heavy breathes as I climb uphill.

It was just another busy Sunday morning getting things done at the office making sure that everything is in place before taking off .

To cut the chase, we found ourselves in a speeding grab car off to South Bus Terminal where our friends Alice and Vincent is waiting. I was also told that Really, one of my colleagues at work will be joining . I was excited knowing that we will then have a new recruit . While we where almost at the terminal, at the stop light we found the last piece of the puzzle , Madam Zuli on a habal2x ride enjoying the talk with his driver. It would look like they were on a date.

At the terminal, we made some last minute supply run and off we went . We found ourselves sitting at the back of the bus as if we were on a first time field trip . It was fun sharing stories from the past weeks climb and some important things on what to expect in this new trail that we will take.

I know the mountain trail already , that is if we go to the normal route which would start at the Cogon Chapel. But this time , we are taking a bus going Toledo since it’s cheaper that way and it’s exciting since the trail is new. Bus fare if only PHP 40 compared to the bumpy and scary habal2x ride with PHP 60 perhead at the Cogon Route.

I was excited with this new trail and for weeks now, we have been doing this without any guides . It’s cheaper and its fun. It’s like a mystery is being revealed as you take another step. A mystery and an adventure when you take the wrong road. I want it, we all want it.

We told the bus to stop at the crossing of Sitio Lana’s where we can start the trek. Another thing that amazes Madam Zuli is that normally we have a jump off point where from the main road you ride a habal2x to the jump off, but recently we haven’t been doing that too. It’s cheaper and can burn more calories and will save me from the scare. That’s actually the ultimate reason I would say , I just packaged it to them as a cheaper and way much more healthier .

We had another round of last minute supply run to make sure that we don’t forget anything. And at 12:25 PM we started the trek going up the steep cemented road of Sitio Lanas. We only took a few steps up and we jokingly decided to have the first break as it was very steep , but as most jokes are half meant, I meant it they didn’t. I had my first break .

It was all cemented road as we went up , it was noon and it was exhausting but we kept the pace since we can see from the distance that there are dark clouds forming . We made one more stop before we made the final ascend on this cemented pathway or so we thought it was.

There was even more steep roads going up as we turn a right to Sitio Panaghiusa.

From the main dirt road, you stop on that house and turn left and start climbing the elevation.

A few more stops. We continue to move up the mountain. You won’t get lost since there is an established trail and there are houses nearby to ask just in case you get lost.

This is the steepest part of the trail. But the views are amazing .

We made a halt at another mango tree to reflect on life and why we are doing this.

We can feel that we were almost there , and it was past 3 PM already and rain is starting to pour slowly so we hurriedly our pace a bit. The clouds are dark already .

And we were almost lost when we reached a higher part, good thing there was a local with his cow so we were able to figure out the way , it was just on the other side of where we were standing.

The common peak of what we call as Mt Naupa. It was breathe taking. But we still have to walk to that other side from where we stand.

And we made it at the peak of Mt Naupa or I guess we thought that was the peak. Someone told us that it was just like the viewing deck for the sunset and that the real Mt Naupa is the inversed cone shaped hill on the other side of the camp site. We promised to go to the peak the next day so that we can really feel what it feels like to be on top.

It was 4:05 PM and the sun is starting to set. We made sure that dinner will be served before night falls since we had two dishes prepared for dinner , lechon kawali and the group’s favorite, bicol express.

More and more people are coming up he camp site as the sun is going down. It was an amazing site. From the last time hat I was here 3 years ago, it was a clear sunny afternoon, so the sun really showed and we had a majestic show of sunset that time. This time , the sun was hiding through the clouds so I thought that we wouldn’t be able to witness this majestic sunset together with the rest of the people who came here this afternoon. But we were wrong, as the sun was going down, the amazing hues of colors were playing with the clouds and the atmosphere that it brought us a jaw dropping presentation of what we can only see in the television . It was tear dropping.

I couldn’t stop myself from having chills as I took photos , selfies and videos of this amazing event . Videos will be uploaded in my YouTube channel.

If only our cameras can capture what our eyes can see .


Truly we were in for a treat and it was astonishing how nature can entertain you in a way that you couldn’t explain.

It would look like that this scenic view happend for a long time, but it wasn’t , the pictures that were captured was like we’re in for some rush ID picture that you are hurrying for your turn.

One of the best sunsets I’ve seen in my life.

And just like that, in a blink of an eye, darkness covered the land and the cold wind started to dance around 360 degrees and the early stars are starting to show up just in time our dinner is ready.

Due to craving , a tradition has been broken, there was not a single picture on our food . We were hungry and for that we are sorry.

We had a few bottles of emperador but it was not enough to warm the night. We took a few night pictures as well since the moon was up and the stars too.

And we called it a night. A very chilly night. My hands were even starting to numb before I went inside my tent.

And morning came.

It was amazing.

We were really thankful we made this trek today since we were both entertained by a teardropping sunset and refreshing sunrise.

It was not just an exercise , not just a dayhike or an overnight but it was more on getting ourselves relaxed from a busy week. And I guess most of us need that at some point . In our line of work, we need it weekly.

It was a good thing that there were locals who came up late that night and I asked them if there was another route to take in going down and they showed me so we took it in our way down. Another exciting trail .

More amazing views on this side of the mountain. And it was really not far from the main road where we started the ascend.

It was a fun weekend. It was an amazing adventure . Another one added.


South bus – Lanas php 40
Lanas- south bus php 40
Guide fee : none ( ask the locals of use GPS , Or you can contact me)

Important Things to bring

3 liters of water each
jacket and socks for cold night
dinner ( if your planning to camp – highly suggested)
tent ( preferably camping tent ,not beach tent since the wind is strong specially at night)

Until the next adventure .

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